How to design “otherwise“; from back-to-front?

HW is a symbiosis between Drawer/Architect, Natalia Hosie and Ecologist/Designer, Gabriel Wulff.

We work in the intersection between research, design and informal or alternative urban initiatives

(community gardens, squats, occupied spaces, low budget urbanity).

What culture of design emerges from these places and how can we learn from it and communicate the lessons?
How can the use of visualisation and design help promote and organise these socio-ecological spaces?

We work in partnership with projects located in the urban sphere; with tools as collective cartography, architectural drawings, timelines, web design, etc…We simultaneously learn and participate in the build of new urban spaces and groups.
Integrating the day-to-day activities within the spaces we aim to understand, visualize, share and communicate their specific challenges.


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